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    Wolfe Island Welcomes You

    Marysville Map

    Outside of the village...

    The Island has loads of other great spots to visit if you're driving or biking! Fishtale's favourites include:

    Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area: Who doesn't love a day at the beach? A pleasant 1.3km walk through the conservation area leads to a beautiful beach with big sand dunes and on a windy day, waves like the ocean! Always remember to try and leave it better than you found it. That means taking out everything you bring in, and help pick up other people's trash if you can! Pack light & bring cash to pay! 

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    Haymaker's Coffee: A microlot coffee roastery, run by the coolest folks around! Maybe you can catch the Wednesday Barn Yoga after an afternoon sipping java & playing in the fields.

    Mustard Station: a classic food truck with bangin' burgers and a killer breakfast sandwich. Now located at the Haymaker's property. Make a day of it!

    Henderson Farm's: Reserve a spot for Afternoon Tea at their waterfront homestead. Henderson Farm's are award winning jam and jelly producers who frequent the Kingston Public Market and the Market at Wolfe Island Commons. If you miss out on Afternoon Tea, be sure to check out their beet cake on a Saturday morning at the markets!