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    Holiday Gift Guide: Under $30, Stocking Stuffers & a Cocktail Recipe

    Holiday Gift Guide: Under $30, Stocking Stuffers & a Cocktail Recipe

    This year is a strange one for everyone. A lot of us are separated from our families and friends and will remain that way over the holidays. It sucks. A lot. We're having a bit of a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year and that's saying something because we consider ourselves semi-professionals in the art of festive cheer. How does one manufacture cheer? We decided the other day that we're going to send a little something to as many people near and dear to us as we can. We should all do our best to brighten each other's days, even if it is from afar. It doesn't cost much (if anything) to put a smile on someone's face and this year is certainly a good time to spread a bit of love.

    So here goes! We have some suggestions for inexpensive gifts that go a long way and ship easily.

    Starting with a fan favourite we have candles by Rhicreations. Made with soy wax and sometimes a mix with Wolfe Island beeswax, they are long burning and beautifully scented. This year's festive candle is Holly Day, a blend of dreamy Christmas scents that doesn't overpower. Truly any of these candles are hits.

    Next up we have the lovely locally made soaps from Wolfe Island Soapworks. Check out the Geranium Soap for a nice floral punch! Consider pairing it with a Lemongrass Lime Bath Bomb and a mini candle to make a little apothecary gift set for under $30!

    Annelise and I both have a fondness for miniature things and boy are these Bud Vases from Owen Davies a hit! We have a variety of styles so you can pick one that really suits your gift recipient.

    Another great gift we have is these Island-made wrist wallets by Marcia McEwen. Big enough for your phone and your keys, these come in a variety of different prints and are only $20! 

    To finish off today's blog I'll leave you with a cocktail recipe which is of course another great way to brighten someone's day. If you're a fan of a classic whiskey sour or old fashioned try this easy to make, bright & citrusy sip.

    Island Sour
    2 oz bourbon (or whiskey)
    ½ oz maple syrup
    ½ oz orange juice
    ¼ oz lemon juice
    4 dashes Angostura bitters
    Serve over ice. Garnish with Maraschino cherries and orange or lemon peel


    Next up: Foodies, amateur bartenders & all things locally made.

    Holiday Gift Guide: The Person Who Has Everything

    Holiday Gift Guide: The Person Who Has Everything

    Welcome to the Fishtale Holiday Gift Guide!

    Over the next few weeks we're going to give you some ideas for how you can shop easily for all the different people on your list. We figured we'd start with the most difficult person and leave the easy stuff for later. So without further ado, let's call this mission: Present Impossible.

    Everyone has at least one person to shop for who already has everything. Either they buy everything they need or want (my brother) or maybe they simply don't need anymore stuff. We're certainly not advocates for overconsumption but it is always nice to get a gift. So, for the person who has everything we have some suggestions!

    To begin: Consumables! First up we have chocolate. Personally, we're big fans. We carry a wide variety of Postcard Chocolate Bars by Alicja Confections, a chocolatier out of Ottawa. There is such a wild variety that you are just about guaranteed to be able to find a fun option for pretty much anyone. To top that off, they are also postcards and can be stuck right in the mail! Ramen Noodle milk chocolate anyone? If you're in the Ottawa area, be sure to check out their shop on Bank Street. 

    If your gift recipient is a coffee drinker, consider grabbing them the 454 Box from our friends at Haymakers Coffee Co. There are no wrong answers here but we suggest you pick a couple different roasts for them to try. You could also opt for our Breakfast Club gift box which includes a half pound of their coffee if you're feeling like bestowing some local maker love upon them.

    Next on the list is the cozy category. Everyone likes a little something warm and boy do we have options! Our personal favourites are the hand knit felted slippers Knit by Lola makes here on Wolfe Island. They're 100% wool, super warm and cute as heck. We have a selection in store and online but she is also in the shop on the 28th & 29th with her wares so stop by! She also makes felted wool mittens that would be a lovely gift and require a bit less guesswork for sizing purposes.

    Last but very much not least, a great option to consider for the person who has everything is a donation to a charity made in their name. On the Island we support Wolfe Island Friends of Ferals, an organization that helps manage feral cat colonies. In the Kingston area we support the Kingston Humane Society and the Kingston Interval House. We recommend looking into the organizations in your area and doing your research to make sure the funds are handled appropriately. 

    So there you have it folks! Hopefully this little guide has given you some ideas for how to handle the tough to shop for person in your life. If not, come see us in the shop and tell us a little about them we'd be happy to help!

    Next up on the blog: Gifting under $30 and a Fishtale holiday cocktail recipe!